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Vote for CHUCK in TV Guide's Fan Favorites Competition!

Alright Chuck fans, it’s time to flex those voting muscles again! CHUCK has been nominated multiple times as part of TV Guide Magazine’s Fan Favorite’s competition! The winners will be featured in TV Guide’s April 18th issue.

The categories are:
Favorite Actor - Zachary Levi
Favorite Actress - Yvonne Strahovski
Favorite Villain - Alexei Volkoff
Favorite Couples Who Have - Chuck and Sarah

Click the link above and VOTE VOTE VOTE! We have until midnight on Tuesday, February 15, Chucksters!

The more Chuck exposure out there, the more people will watch and there will be a better chance of being renewed for a fifth season!

Wow, Captain Awesome. Wow.

I wonder what Ellie thinks.

SpoilerTV Awards, voting starts Monday.


Here are the Chuck nominations

  • Best Returning Show Of 2010: Chuck
  • Best Lead Actress In Drama: Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck)
  • Best Lead Actor In Comedy: Zachary Levi (Chuck)
  • Best Guest Star: Linda Hamilton, Timothy Dalton (Chuck)
  • Best Episode Of 2010: Chuck Versus Phase Three (Chuck)

Vote Monday!

keep voting!

keep voting!



I See The Light
-Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore, Tangled Soundtrack 

 <3 times 1000000000000000000000000000

For our Zachary fans.



do it. D:&lt;
Chuck Vs the Aisle of Terror

Chuck Vs the Aisle of Terror

Chuck Vs the Aisle of Terror
4OOth post! c:

Chuck Vs the Aisle of Terror

4OOth post! c:

Here’s a little TV Guide Cover Poll math for you.


So using the number of followers, adjusted some to account for infrequent users or dead accounts, here’s a little math of what we would be capable of if we all voted.

If we each voted 5 times: 11,755
10 times: 23,510
20 times: 47,020
50 times: 117,550
100 times: 235,100

So whether you can vote 5 or 100, if we all just do what we can, it can most definitely make a difference in the polls. So will you VOTE?

How about Zachary Levi for Favorite TV Comedy Actor? Let's get him a People's Choice Award!

Are YOU voting Chuck for the TV Guide cover?

Help Chuck get its first TV Guide cover!

vote as many times as your heart desires. ;D

"Way to go, marble me!"
Captain Awesome, 4x04